Class AbstractResponse

    • Field Detail

      • stream

        public stream
      • socket

        public socket
      • secureStream

        public boolean secureStream
      • streaming

        public boolean streaming
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractResponse

        public AbstractResponse()
      • AbstractResponse

        public AbstractResponse​(int opCode,
                                int responseCode)
    • Method Detail

      • getContinuedResponse

        public AbstractResponse getContinuedResponse()
        If this message is to-be-continued, this method is called to get subsequent messages until it returns null which will indicate that the current message is the last.
      • streamResponse

        public void streamResponse​(SignedOutputStream out)
                            throws HandleException
        Write the response to the specified output stream. By default this does nothing. This should be over-ridden by responses that set streaming to true.