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The Handle System® is a component of the Digital Object Architecture and provides efficient, extensible, and secure resolution services for unique and persistent identifiers of digital objects. The DO Architecture provides a means of managing digital information in a network environment. A digital object has a machine and platform independent structure that allows it to be identified, accessed and protected, as appropriate. A digital object may incorporate not only informational elements, i.e., a digitized version of a paper, movie or sound recording, but also the unique identifier of the digital object and other metadata about the digital object. The metadata may include restrictions on access to digital objects, notices of ownership, and identifiers for licensing agreements, if appropriate.

Handle.Net is a DONA Multi-Primary Administrator (MPA) and a member of the DONA Foundation, a non-profit organization in Geneva, Switzerland. The DONA Foundation was established as the technical management organization to support the Digital Object (DO) Architecture and its promotion around the world. One of the foundation's jobs is to administer and maintain the operation of the Global Handle Registry (GHR), a service which was previously provided by Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI).


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